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How to create a harmonious colour scheme - the science behind colour

1 formal CPD point

In collaboration with:

Ana Saiao, Trainer

With over 20 years of experience teaching and developing educational content, Ana finally found her calling by helping other creatives build and expand their skills and expertise in the colour design industry.

What you will learn

The aim of this course is to help you to understand the science behind the creation of harmonious colour schemes and provide you the right tools to do it. This will allow you to discuss colour selections with your clients with confidence and without second guessing.

After completing the course you will be able to:

-Determine the undertone of a colour using our RGB colour wheel

-Determine the tonal value of a colour using our Value Finder wheel

-Know how to mute a colour using three different strategies

-Establish tonal keys with confidence using our exclusive step-by-step methodology

-Create monochromatic, analogous, complementary and other colour schemes using our RYB colour wheel


About the course

Course Duration

Online and self-paced /

11 lesson course completed in a maximum span of 6 months


Online course content with live monthly coaching calls conducted in an interactive classroom-style 


One-off payment of $99

  • What you will get

    Monthly coaching calls

    You will have assess to live interactive classroom-style monthly coaching calls during a 6 month period to answer all your questions regarding the course. The coaching calls will also be recorded inside our exclusive Facebook community 'The Circle'.

    Lifetime access to a community of like-minded professionals

    During the 6 month period you will have access to our closed Facebook community 'The Circle' where you can get support from your peers and your trainer. After completing the course you can join our community of graduate students in 'ColourTalks'. The support you have from us will be for life!

    Free guide to establish tonal keys

    Download our guide to establish tonal keys for FREE.

    Free downloadable tools

    Download our RGB colour wheel, Value Finder wheel and RYB colour wheel for FREE.

    Course Curriculum

    This course has 11 video lessons which are recorded and lasts a maximum of 7 minutes. You need to commit at least 1 hour of your time to successfully complete the course and get your certificate of completion.

    • LESSON 1

    • The 3 dimensions of colour: Hue, Value and Saturation

    • LESSON 2

    • How to mute a colour

    • LESSON 3

    • Understanding undertone

    • LESSON 4

    • Are warmness and coolness absolute qualities of a colour?

    • LESSON 5

    • Processes:

      1. How to find the RGB of a colour

      2. How to determine the tonal value of a colour

      3. How to know if a colour is saturated

      4. How to determine the undertone of a colour (colour family)

    • LESSON 6

    • Colour effects - colour harmony

    • LESSON 7

    • Hue and harmony

    • LESSON 8

    • Value and harmony

    • LESSON 9

    • Saturation and harmony

    • LESSON 10

    • Visual impact and dissonant colours

    • LESSON 11

    • Process: How to establish a correspondence between hue degrees - RGB and RYB colour wheels


    "Ana is such an inspiring and nurturing teacher and the curriculum is aligned with exactly what is needed to successfully enter the colour consulting industry or even start your own business."

    Miriam Ragen - Mim Ragen Colour Consultancy

    "I have not seen any other course offering like it. There is so much hands on learning, giving students the most valuable skills and knowledge for colour consulting, styling and business to be at the top of their game.

    Kim Passmore - The Coastal Home

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is the refund policy?

    • We don't offer refunds for this course.

    • Are there any assessments?

    • Yes. There is a quiz at the end of the course. In oder to pass you must attain a score of at least 50%.

    • When do I get a certificate of completion?

    • A certificate will be issued within 48h after completing all lessons in the course and passing the assessment.

    • Who is this course for?

    • This course is for any professional who is looking to up-skill their knowledge of colour design. 

    • Do I have access to the slides of each lesson?

    • Yes. We provide a handout (pdf) for the course that has all the slides for all the lessons. We advise our students to print out the document before they start the course so they can take notes. 

    • What sort of questions can I ask on the coaching calls?

    • You can clarify any topic discussed in the course as well as ask questions that come up on your day-to-day work life that also relate to the topic. We also welcome any relevant case-studies!

      We ask our students to send us all their questions by email at least 24 hours before the monthly coaching call.  

    • What if I miss a coaching call?

    • It is okay if you miss any of the monthly coaching calls. The coaching calls will be recorded inside our exclusive Facebook community 'The Circle' so you can listen to the discussion anytime.

    • Do I have access to the coaching calls after the 6 month period?

    • You have free access to the coaching calls for a 6 month period. Once the course is completed you can continue the coaching calls by paying a monthly subscription fee of $4.99. You will be able to cancel your subscription any time.

    • Do I have access to the lessons after the 6 months period?

    • You only have free access to the learning platform for the maximum duration of the course (6 months). 

    • What are the course requirements?

    • There are no course requirements for this course.

    • What if I decide to do the other course in bundle 1 (Colour Essentials)?

    • If you decide to do the other course in bundle 1 we will offer you the bundle 1 discount (20% off) and we will extend your access to the coaching calls for an extra 6 months (12 months in total). 

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